We ship throughout the NW and much of the USA, sets of 3 potted Patio Blueberry Transplants and/or sets of 3 potted Patio Azalea Transplants, via USPS for transplanting to your own patio planters or transplanting to raised beds and compact landscapes where soils are acidic. We offer free shipping  6 months of this year; our potted Patio Blueberry Transplants and potted Patio Azalea Transplants may be easily planted May 1st through October 31st. (Please utilize pre-season ordering or 24/7 Gift Certificates at other times-----just email us for any  off-season discounts or needed help!) Even when dormant in late Fall and Winter, the roots of our hardy potted Patio Transplants continue to grow to give you a jump start on the coming Spring and Summer!


Our Patio Blueberry Transplants and Patio Azalea Transplants are shipped to you in 9" deep pots, with clear planting instructions, our special organic Patio Blueberry/Patio Azalea fertilizer, our Patio Plant Care Card, your invoice receipt, and free shipping included. (We do not ship to CA.) Available by mail FREE to any of our recent customers who contact us EARLY IN THE FOLLOWING YEAR after their order delivery, is a our special organic slow-release Patio Blueberry/Patio Azalea fertilizer. This free organic fertilizer will keep your plants going strong for your second season also!!! But be sure and contact us before our fertilizer mailout is over in April of your following year, to get on that mailing list!!!


What a great gift idea for your family and friends who love gardening! Let us conveniently ship directly to them for you, or see the WELCOME section of our Home Page for clear details about our easy-to-use 24/7 Gift Certificates!!!


(We may include a non-denominational easy-to-read New Living Translation (NLT) paperback New Testament Bible with your order. Please let us know if you prefer not to receive it, but we really hope you will accept our Gift!!)





               NOW AVAILABLE: Older plants pruned to branch

                    out  for more flower and berry production!!!



Set of these 3 Patio Blueberry for $45.00


2 Sets for $80.00




Set of 3 these Patio Azalea for $45.00


2 Sets for $80.00


3 Patio Blueberry Plants
Per Set!

Patio Blueberry Potted Transplant


3 Patio Azalea Plants
Per Set!