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A HEARTY HELLO from the wonderful World of Patio Blueberries and the ORIGINAL Patio Blueberry Grower!!  Our Patio Blueberries are newer cold-hardy varieties developed for this century.  These compact blueberry plants are about 3 feet high when full-grown, and a perfect fit in Patio Planters  to decorate your decks, porches, patios, and sidewalks year-round.  Our Patio Blueberries are left outside in the Winter, and are rated 20 below zero with wind chill.  Additionally, they tolerate the usual late Spring freezes in the 20's...their blooms can be wide open and probably not hurt at all.  They take hot Summer temperatures over 100 degrees...their berries do not get soft and drop. These...


Here in Central Oregon, our Patio Blueberry plants are now available again ready to use (RTU) in Patio Planters, in time to provide a jump-start on Spring (their roots continue to grow much of the time while their tops are dormant and the ground frozen!!)  Our 15 x 15  quality plastic planters with 4 corner feet are designed for good air-water exchange and excellent drainage.  Two colors are presently available in Terra Cotta Clay and Light Beige.  NEWER to our lineup, are the smaller 12 x 12 but unique Patio Planters with 4 corner feet, sporting a natural fiber insert.  These biodegradable inserts make it easier (just lift 'em out and replant 'em whole) to upgrade and replant your Patio Blueberries to any decorative planter of your choice in the next few years.  These smaller, less expensive Patio Blueberries to start are a great way to begin enjoying your own Patio Blueberrries!!        
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And in the future, always use our personal nursery-tested, organically Tried and True general purpose fertilizer with FREE delivery to most of Central Oregon!

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Order Patio Blueberry Potted Transplants!
We ship throughout the NW and USA sets of 3 compact and cold-hardy, assorted Patio Blueberry Potted Transplants in multiple varieties for cross-pollination and a longer season.  These smaller Patio Blueberry plants are fantastic for transplanting to your own Patio Planters.....or for transplanting to Raised Beds or to compact Yard Landscapes where soils are acidic. Our assorted Patio Blueberry Potted Transplants can be shipped May through November 15th.  Even when dormant in a long Fall and Winter, the roots of these compact, cold-hardy Patio Blueberry Transplants continue to grow!  
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